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"Melissa was excellent! We couldn’t have found a better person to help us get our dog to be focused, calm, and obedient. She turned a situation around (we were considering rehoming our dog) and we now have a dog that we just adore. The foundation she set gave us a great starting point for a life of enjoyable moments with our pup, rather than years of struggling with basic obedience." - Shannon L.


"Melissa (of Hemlock K9 Training) is a wonder! Our rescue was having trouble settling into our family and her new surroundings and was anxious about pretty much everything. After months of trying to help her on my own, I found Melissa and enlisted her help. Willamina went to stay with Melissa for five weeks and came back a changed dog -- happy, obedient, and much more confident. I can't thank Melissa enough for all that she did for our dog and, by extension, our entire family!" - Liz A.


"Melissa helped so much with my dog Tobie. He’s a very active Springer Spaniel, and had trouble chasing shadows and light flashes. After his board and train he no longer finds them as fascinating- but also has all the necessary skills to be a good dog. Heeling, perfect recall, climbing into the car, placing, leave it- Tobie is a model citizen now. We walk a couple miles just about everyday in the woods and it’s so nice to have the confidence to let him off leash." - Matthew P.


"Melissa at Hemlock K9 Training has been an invaluable resource for our family. She has helped us since our goldendoodle puppy was only a few months old. Now we fully enjoy our dog as part of our family - he is well adjusted, easygoing, and well behaved. It is no longer stressful to have guests visit, deliveries or hang out in the yard. We can take him in the car, on trips and any dog-friendly adventures we choose. Thank you Melissa!" - Kate W.


"Melissa and her team at Hemlock K9 Training are outstanding! She was able to get our puppy to be a good listener and a great family member. Melissa also worked with my husband and I to teach us how best to handle our dog when interacting with other dogs large and small. Sending our dog to be trained by Melissa was a great decision and we highly recommend her program." - Brenda B.


"Melissa is an expert who cares deeply about every dog’s life. She took such great effort to understand my dog’s life, his history, demeanor and behavior. It is not one size fits all with Melissa. She works with you and your dog on the issues specific to you. She knows dogs! She was the first person to notice that my dog was not food motivated but rather play motivated! It was a breakthrough. Melissa understands their behavior and I trust her implicitly. I highly recommend." - Ann S.

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