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About the Program

This program is a great way for your dog to spend the day! Rather than having your dog sit at home all day or go to daycare, send them to school of their own! Similar to our Board & Train program, your dog will spend the day with us, learning new skills and manners - and the best part is they get to come home at night and on weekends. However, because your dog goes back and forth, it's up to you to keep up with and reinforce the training that they learn during the day. You'll be given homework and things to work on over the weekends as well!

This is a great option for owners who are local and able to pick up and drop off their dog each day. It's also perfect for dogs who need a bit more hands-on time with a trainer.


2 Week Program

On Leash Foundations

In this program your dog will learn:

  • Sit / Down

  • Down-stay for 15 minutes

  • Place (go and lay down on mat) - 15 minutes

  • Loose Leash Walking (Heel)

  • Manners (jumping, pulling on the leash,  door manners)

This also includes a weekly session with your trainer.


4 Week Program

Covers everything learned in the 2 week program, but also includes:

  • Recall and place off leash (under increased distractions)

  • Down-stay and place under increased distraction

  • Introduction to E-Collar

Includes weekly sessions with your trainer.


6 Week Program

Covers everything learned in the 4 week program, but also includes:

  • Behavior modification including aggression, resource guarding, and reactivity

  • Heel - On and Off Leash

  • Recall under heavy distractions

  • Down-stay and Place for 30 minutes

  • Field Trips! Your dog will be taken off-site to proof their obedience in different environments

Includes weekly sessions with your trainer.


Day Train Drop-Ins

If your dog has completed one of our Day Train Programs, join us for Day Train Drop-Ins! A great alternative to doggy daycare or being home all day, our Drop Ins provide your dog with a day full of structure, socialization, and mental and physical stimulation.

**This is NOT a substitute for completing an additional 2 weeks of our Day Train Program.

Membership Options

For 2 weeks:

2x/week - $200

3x/week - $400

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