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Welcome to Hemlock K9

Our Philosophy

Here at Hemlock K9, we believe that every human-canine relationship is in need of proper communication and clarity. Whether you’re having behavioral issues with your dog or they just need some basic manners, learning to speak the same language is incredibly important to creating a healthy and positive relationship between you and your dog. We strive to educate owners about not only the psychology of the dogs’ mind, but also their overall physical wellbeing. The mind and body are so interconnected, for both species, it’s essential to look at the dog as a whole.

Our Services


Board & Train

This is our most popular option. Your dog comes and stays with us, allowing us to implement what they learn into everyday life. 

It's a great option for dogs that may need a little bit more time with a trainer or for owners who may not have the time to fully train their dog (it’s ok! Life is busy!)


1-2-1 Lessons

You become the trainer! This is a great option for owners who want to be more involved in their dogs training. It does require more dedication and time on your part, but it's also a cost-friendly option.


Group Classes

We offer various group classes throughout the year. This is a great way to learn certain skills with the added benefit of proper dog socialization!


Day Train

For the local dog parents! Drop your pup off for the day for a structured day of training and socialization.


Owner Pack Walks

Held 1-2 times a month, these are a great way to practice everything you've been working on!


Tails & Trails Adventures

Weekly hikes that are a great opportunity for your dog to get both mental and physical exercise.

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